APRIL 1, 2022 Call for Applications
Forms available for downloading at CCP & Bench websites
APRIL 21, 2022 Deadline for Registration for Zoom Lectures
APRIL 23, 2022 Session 1: Gino Gonzales on the History of the Phil Dress (130 mins)
APRIL 24, 2022 Session 2: Inno Sotto on the Design Process (40 mins)
APRIL 24, 2022 Session 3: Felice Sta. Maria on the Phil Dress and Nationalism (40 mins)
APRIL 24, 2022 Session 4: Isidra Reyes on Filipinas Who Wear the Terno (40 mins)
JUNE 3, 2022 Deadline for Submission of Applications
JUNE 10-11, 2022 Scheduled Interviews of applicants via Zoom by a Committee
JUNE 11, 2022 Deliberations and selection of 12 Semi-finalists by a Committee
JUNE 12, 2022 Announcement of 12 Semi-finalists
JULY 4-10, 2022 Preparatory Workshops & Mentoring Sessions for 12 Finalists
Lock in for 1 Week: Talks of 4 Mentors, Discussion of Research, Construction of Toiles from Period Patterns, Etc.
AUGUST 1, 2022 Submission revised designs and research for balintawak
Chief Mentor to review all submissions with 3 Mentors
Narrow down to 1 balintawak entry per contestant
Fabrication of balintawak toile
SEPTEMBER 2022 Individual Consultations with Mentors (individual scheduling)
Fabrication of actual balintawak with final textile
Online Progress Report
OCTOBER 2022 Continuation of Execution of balintawak
OCTOBER 24-30, 2022 Lock in for 1 Week: Fitting with live models, Alterations, Styling discussions
with Chief Stylist, Production Meetings
NOVEMBER 28, 2022 Submission of finished balintawak at Bench Tower
NOVEMBER 30, 2022 Video shoot of all 12 entries on models (CCP Black Box)
(or first week of December)
DECEMBER 2022 Editing of video (Prod. Team)
JANUARY 25-27, 2023 Final fittings with models of 12 Finalists and Mentors
JANUARY 28, 2023 Depart from Manila (for Regional Finalists)