Dear Applicant:

For the third edition of TERNOCON, we are focusing on the balintawak – the country version of the terno. Aside from a camisa [blouse] with butterfly sleeves and a saya [skirt], the balintawak has two key components: a matching alampay [a soft kerchief] and tapis [a strip of cloth
wrapped around the waist].

In the 1920s and 1930s, the balintawak was worn at town fiestas, pilgrimages to Antipolo, and studio settings with painted scenery of farms, seascapes, and gardens. Though it was originally intended as informal attire, the balintawak also evolved as formal dress over the next few decades. There is much to learn about this garment. To help you understand the historical and social context of the balintawak and the Philippine dress in general, we’ve devised a series of lectures that will be conducted over Zoom. You are required to register and attend the lectures before submitting your designs and application forms. This way, your design approach can be anchored in a deeper understanding and appreciation of the dress.

Finally, TERNOCON is a long-term commitment. Mentors, organizers, and support groups devote enormous time and resources into the project, so we expect all finalists to exert the same amount of dedication. Kindly go through the schedule of activities and requirements to make sure that you are willing and able to comply.

Maraming Salamat!

TERNOCON III Artistic Director
Here are some examples of the balintawak from the 1930s. These are hand-tinted postcard photos from the album of Josefina T. Gonzales -- a second generation designer from the famed House of R.T. Paras. They show the various components of the ensemble plus the various ways by which an alampay is worn. Please note that an alampay traditionally matched the tapis.



  • Practicing Filipino designers or fashion design students are qualified to submit applications. Applicants must be Filipino Citizens residing in the Philippines, at least 20 years old or above by January 28, 2023.
  • Fully accomplished application form, proof of citizenship [photo of any government issued ID with permanent address], 5 sketches/renderings of balintawak designs, (preferably colored with swatches) photos of at least 2 previous works [not necessarily a terno] must be submitted before 6:00pm of June 3, 2022 (Friday) at the Ad & Promo Department of Suyen Corporation (Bench Tower, BGC).
  • Applicants must have officially registered and attended ALL Zoom Lectures concerning the Phil Dress on April 23-24, 2022). Guidelines will also be explained during these sessions.
  • Contestants from previous editions of Ternocon (2018 and 2020) may re-apply; subject to all Ternocon III competition rules and the final decision of the Selection Committee.
  • Applicants must then sign up for a time slot to an online or face-to-face interview to be conducted by the Ternocon III Selection Committee. During the interviews, applicants are required to show actual garments that they designed and/or executed.
  • A selection committee from Bench, CCP, and the Mentors will deliberate on the applications and interview results on June 11, 2022. All applicants will be immediately notified via email of the selection results on June 12, 2022.
  • Selected finalists are required to attend and complete the preparatory workshops and all mentoring sessions from June to November 2022, final preparations from Jan 25-27, 2023. and the show on Jan 28, 2023. Non-compliance will be grounds for elimination from the competition.


  • Capacity to deliver/produce garments.
  • Samples or folio of previous works; preferably realized garments.
  • Designs for the balintawak (Choice of materials, Wearability, Clarity of vision, Cohesion of pieces, and use of the balintawak’s components).
  • Ability to work with mentors.
The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.


Adherence to Competition Guidelines and Professionalism
(Scoring for this criterion to be given by Ternocon Mentors and Organizers)
Craftsmanship / Execution of Design / Fabrication 30%
Creativity / Ability to Translate Design to a Contemporary Context 30%
Wearability / Functionality 20%
TOTAL 100%


1. Design and Aesthetics

  • Participants are encouraged to be as original as possible. Designs which resemble previous works by other designers, will be removed from the competition and the organizers will require the concerned contestant to re-submit new designs.
  • The Guidelines for the Aesthetics and the required terno sleeve proportions must be followed strictly. Non-conformity will be grounds for removal from the competition and culminating show.

2. Styling and Models

  • The organizers will assign models. Participants may not choose models.
  • Finalists agree to entrust all styling decisions of the models to a designated head stylist for the showcase. The stylist will have the final decision in terms of hair & make-up, footwear, and accessories.
  • All finalists must attend all fittings with their corresponding models, work on the necessary alterations, attend dress rehearsals, and the show.

3. Submissions and other Relevant Documents for 12 Finalists

  • Competition finalists are required to submit hard copies of their renderings of revised balintawak designs
    by August 1, 2022.
  • Deadline for submission of finished balintawak garment at Bench is at 6:00PM on November 29, 2022.
  • Competition finalists must sign a Letter-Agreement before July 4, 2022.
  • The finalists are required to send monthly updates and photos of their balintawak in progress via to a designated Viber Group to ensure conformity to the timetable and aesthetic guidelines. All materials officially submitted to the organizers will be treated in confidence.

4. Schedule, Accommodations, and Assistants during Production Week

  • All finalists are required to be in Manila with their completed entries on January 25-28, 2023. Each finalist is allowed one (1) assistant at his/her own expense (travel, food, lodging, etc.). All assistants are required to fill-out/submit registration forms and observe the competition rules and guidelines. The finalists will be held liable for any violations committed by their respective assistants.
  • No other person other than the participants/finalists can share the hotel rooms designated and paid for by TERNOCON. Non-compliance will be grounds for immediate termination from the competition.

5. Prizes, Plaques and Citations

  • Gold Php       75,000 net
    Silver Php      50,000 net
    Bronze Php    25,000 net
  • All finalists will receive a Plaque of Recognition.
    All winners will be given citations and corresponding medals.


1. Participants

  • All 12 finalists will be given a grant for materials only in the amount of Php15,000.00 each. All competition finalists are expected to shoulder the remaining materials and labor costs for the completion of their designs.
  • The finalists may solicit support (financial, local/indigenous materials, logistical assistance, etc.) from local sponsors/donors/patrons subject to approval of the TERNOCON Administration. Letters of support for the solicitation can be prepared by the organizers upon request of the finalists.
  • All 12 Finalists are encouraged to be present during the Press Launch in Manila in January 2023 (exact date to be finalized) as this will be their official introduction to the media. All travel and logistical expenses for this particular event will be to the account of the finalists.

2. The CCP Cultural Exchange Department (CED) will provide the participants with subsistence allowance to cover the minimal cost of their round travel to Manila, lodging and meals during the two lock-in sessions.

3. Bench/Suyen Corporation will cover the logistical expenses of the 12 Finalists during the actual competition in January 2023, cost of the prizes, token fees/gifts for the board of judges & resource persons and production expenses for the fashion and cultural showcase.


    1. The organizers will provide the content and graphics of the official materials, which will be the only materials that will be allowed for publicity and promotions in print, radio, TV and the social media.

    2. The organizers and the finalists cannot share photos of works with other finalists and the public. Everyone is refrained from posting materials connected with the competition on any form of social media from July 2022 to January 2023, unless authorized by the TERNOCON Administration.


      1. Once selected, the competition finalists must authorize the CCP and Suyen Corporation and other officials and co-presenters, to use any material involving the entries for publicity purposes.

      2. All winning entries automatically become property of TERNOCON.


        1. A balintawak is the ‘country’ version of the terno, typically worn in town fiestas and pilgrimages to Antipolo. Its components include the following: a pair of terno sleeves, an alampay (kerchief), a tapis (strip of cloth wrapped around the waist), and a saya (skirt). Traditionally, the alampay and tapis match. Please see the attached period references.
        2. Please see the attached sheet for the recommended size for the sleeves. All entries must conform to the size of these indicated proportions only.
        3. Use of profanities and politically incorrect images are strictly prohibited.
        4. Excessive body exposure is discouraged.


        APRIL 1, 2022 Call for Applications
        Forms available for downloading at CCP & Bench websites
        APRIL 21, 2022 Deadline for Registration for Zoom Lectures
        APRIL 23, 2022 Session 1: Gino Gonzales on the History of the Phil Dress (130 mins)
        APRIL 24, 2022 Session 2: Inno Sotto on the Design Process (40 mins)
        APRIL 24, 2022 Session 3: Felice Sta. Maria on the Phil Dress and Nationalism (40 mins)
        APRIL 24, 2022 Session 4: Isidra Reyes on Filipinas Who Wear the Terno (40 mins)
        JUNE 3, 2022 Deadline for Submission of Applications
        JUNE 10-11, 2022 Scheduled Interviews of applicants via Zoom by a Committee
        JUNE 11, 2022 Deliberations and selection of 12 Semi-finalists by a Committee
        JUNE 12, 2022 Announcement of 12 Semi-finalists
        JULY 4-10, 2022 Preparatory Workshops & Mentoring Sessions for 12 Finalists
        Lock in for 1 Week: Talks of 4 Mentors, Discussion of Research, Construction of Toiles from Period Patterns, Etc.
        AUGUST 1, 2022 Submission revised designs and research for balintawak
        Chief Mentor to review all submissions with 3 Mentors
        Narrow down to 1 balintawak entry per contestant
        Fabrication of balintawak toile
        SEPTEMBER 2022 Individual Consultations with Mentors (individual scheduling)
        Fabrication of actual balintawak with final textile
        Online Progress Report
        OCTOBER 2022 Continuation of Execution of balintawak
        OCTOBER 24-30, 2022 Lock in for 1 Week: Fitting with live models, Alterations, Styling discussions
        with Chief Stylist, Production Meetings
        NOVEMBER 28, 2022 Submission of finished balintawak at Bench Tower
        NOVEMBER 30, 2022 Video shoot of all 12 entries on models (CCP Black Box)
        (or first week of December)
        DECEMBER 2022 Editing of video (Prod. Team)
        JANUARY 25-27, 2023 Final fittings with models of 12 Finalists and Mentors
        JANUARY 28, 2023 Depart from Manila (for Regional Finalists)


        Deadline: April 21 2022
        BENCH Ad & Promo Department
        23rd Floor, Bench Tower, 30th cor. Rizal Drive, Crescent Park West 5, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig City



        • Design 5 different versions of the balintawak. It is entirely up to you if you want to create semi-formal and/or formal versions ofthe dress. Please make sure that all designs have an alampay and tapis.
        • All renderings must be colored. Drawings without color will not be accepted.
        • Hand-drawn or computer aided renderings are acceptable.
        • Attach fabric swatches on the drawings.
        • You may add notes or call outs on the drawings if necessary.
        • You may include a short design statement (in English or Filipino) if necessary.


        • We also want to see at least 2 photos of recent works to get a better sense of your construction skills and aesthetics as a designer.
        • Please indicate if you designed the clothes OR if you designed and built the clothes.
        • These can be pictures of the clothes on dress forms or fashion editorials that feature your clothes.
        • Minimum print size of photos: 8R


        • Your permanent address must be clearly indicated on the ID.