1. Participants

  • All 12 finalists will be given a grant for materials only in the amount of Php15,000.00 each. All competition finalists are expected to shoulder the remaining materials and labor costs for the completion of their designs.
  • The finalists may solicit support (financial, local/indigenous materials, logistical assistance, etc.) from local sponsors/donors/patrons subject to approval of the TERNOCON Administration. Letters of support for the solicitation can be prepared by the organizers upon request of the finalists.
  • All 12 Finalists are encouraged to be present during the Press Launch in Manila in January 2023 (exact date to be finalized) as this will be their official introduction to the media. All travel and logistical expenses for this particular event will be to the account of the finalists.

2. The CCP Cultural Exchange Department (CED) will provide the participants with subsistence allowance to cover the minimal cost of their round travel to Manila, lodging and meals during the two lock-in sessions.

3. Bench/Suyen Corporation will cover the logistical expenses of the 12 Finalists during the actual competition in January 2023, cost of the prizes, token fees/gifts for the board of judges & resource persons and production expenses for the fashion and cultural showcase.