Dear Applicant,

Dear Applicant:

For the third edition of TERNOCON, we are focusing on the balintawak – the country version of the terno. Aside from a camisa [blouse] with butterfly sleeves and a saya [skirt], the balintawak has two key components: a matching alampay [a soft kerchief] and tapis [a strip of cloth
wrapped around the waist].

In the 1920s and 1930s, the balintawak was worn at town fiestas, pilgrimages to Antipolo, and studio settings with painted scenery of farms, seascapes, and gardens. Though it was originally intended as informal attire, the balintawak also evolved as formal dress over the next few decades. There is much to learn about this garment. To help you understand the historical and social context of the balintawak and the Philippine dress in general, we’ve devised a series of lectures that will be conducted over Zoom. You are required to register and attend the lectures before submitting your designs and application forms. This way, your design approach can be anchored in a deeper understanding and appreciation of the dress.

Finally, TERNOCON is a long-term commitment. Mentors, organizers, and support groups devote enormous time and resources into the project, so we expect all finalists to exert the same amount of dedication. Kindly go through the schedule of activities and requirements to make sure that you are willing and able to comply.

Maraming Salamat!

TERNOCON III Artistic Director